Winter Camps

Come be a part of our super-fun Winter Day Camp sessions in our wonderful new facility! Like our Summer Camps, our Winter Camps run 9am to 4pm each day and Campers get to participate in cool wintry and horse related crafts as well as getting hands-on, educational experience on the ground with our seasoned camp horses. And, of course, Campers will ride twice a day in one "serious" lesson and one "games" lesson. 
If you've never been to one of our Winter Camps before, they run a little differently from our Summer Camps. The holidays are coming up and we know everyone's schedules are a little crazy so you don't have to commit to an entire week to be able to come to Winter Camp! You can sign up for only a single day of camp if that's what fits your schedule or you can do every day. We'll be here! Guests coming in for the holidays? They can sign up too!




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