Horses are for sale or lease for a variety of reasons: the owner is off to college, the rider has outgrown the horse, or the rider wishes to change showing divisions are among the most common. Often our horses will spend their entire life at LEC in the care of Betsy Webb and her staff. All of our horses are hand-picked by our staff to meet individual rider's needs. One horse may have several different owners/riders throughout their lifetime while residing in the care of the LEC. We call these horses "Legacy" horses.

Let Betsy and her experienced staff help you with the purchase or lease of your horse. Their knowledge and experience can save heartache and expense in the long run. Betsy has years of experience in matching riders with their perfect equine partners. 

Our mission is to make sure that your buying, leasing, and owning experience is enjoyable and fulfilling and that you end up with your perfect equine partner. If you are interested in buying or leasing a horse, please contact the Barn Director, Betsy Webb, to discuss the options available to you. In addition to lesson horses that are show quality, LEC has horses that are a great lease for someone just looking to have fun on horseback in the ring and on the trails. Ask about our Equi-Lease program for more details and to find out which horses are available for lease.

Come Ride With Us...The Horses Are Waiting!