Buying A Horse

Why Buy a Horse?

People buy horses for several reasons including having a horse to use as they please (for practice, showing, trail riding, or just for fun), having a horse to be competitive at shows, or because they enjoy the special bond that can form between a horse and its owner. Horse ownership can completely alter an owner's life through the bond shared with a horse. Depending on what you wish to use the horse for (for fun or for showing), the price can vary widely. Horses are priced based on four key qualities:

1) “Ridability”- What kind of rider does the horse require?

2) Soundness- Is the horse healthy and capable of performing his job?

3) Age- In horses the older horse is not “old,” he is “experienced.” A smaller child or a beginning rider will need experience from his mount.

4) Appearance or Color- Usually these qualities are just icing on the cake.

A rider’s ability, skill, and experience will greatly determine a horse’s performance and often a new horse and new rider combination will need to start slowly in order to work their way towards a solid partnership. A rider who has only been riding one year will not be able to get the maximum performance out of a horse like a rider with 15 to 20 years experience so it is always important to be patient and encourage learning and understanding between rider and mount when making a match. It is easy to make a mistake but it is a lot more difficult to fix the mistake. Novice riders are often blinded by beauty or ability and the cheapest one is not always the best one. Manners, suitability and health should be paramount when considering a horse.

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