Show Services


The Louisville Equestrian Center provides its riders with superior equestrian instruction and training experiences and we are committed to setting the highest standards for customer service. Our Show Preparation Services begin well before you enter the arena to show and continue well after. We work with each rider and his/her family on an individual basis and tailor your experience to fulfill your dreams.

Before the show 

  • Pre-show Goal Setting Meeting- We know that it’s every little girl’s dream, no matter what age, to be able to own and show a horse and it’s our privilege to be able to make these dreams come true. LEC can help you sharpen the focus of your dreams and set goals for yourself such that they become a reality. 

  • Finding the right Equine Partner- Whether it’s buying a horse of your own or leasing a horse to show for the season, we can find you the perfect Equine Partner to take to Horse Shows. Your equine partner could be in the next stall down!

  •  Annual Show Schedule Meeting- Wherever you want to go for the summer we can take you there for a show. Your show schedule is customized according to your plans and wishes.

  •  Personalized Practices and Strategizing Sessions- Practice starts long before the week of the show. Your instructor will teach you everything you need to know to be a star in the show ring. This means not only developing your riding skills at practice in preparation for a show but also discussing show ring etiquette and show ring strategy.

  •  Conditioning/Training Program for your Equine Partner- Your equine partner will work with a world-class trainer to ensure that he is looking flashy and fit for show season. Our training program is designed to maximize his performance at the show.

  •  Clothing and Equipment Consultations- LEC works in concert with the top equestrian tailors and within your budget to outfit you like a world champion. 

At the Show 

  • World Class Horse Preparation- Your equine partner will get the full body treatment before the show including tail-washing, hoof-blacking, tack cleaning, and anything else he needs to make a splash in the ring.

  • Directions Provided

  • Hotel/Restaurant/Sight-Seeing (Local Activities) Information Available

  • Horse Hauling (transportation) and Stall Arrangements- Note: Horse Owners are responsible for Hauling and Stall Fees. 

  • Show Entry Preparation- Note: Riders are responsible for Entry Fees. 

  • Rider Presentation- Instructors and staff are on-hand at the show to help riders put the finishing touches on their appearance including doing their hair, fastening tie bars, taping gloves and boots, and straightening derbies among other last minute activities. Attention to detail is important to us and you can go in the ring confident that you and your equine partner make the perfect picture from head to hoof.

  • Provide Comfortable, Attractive and Safe Area for Waiting and Storage of Possessions at Show

  • Coaching during the Show- Your instructor will personally send you into the arena, will remain on the rail during your classes to coach you through your classes, and will be there to congratulate you when you return with your ribbons! 

After the Show  

  • Post Show Strategizing/Goals Meeting- After the show, your instructor will be able to discuss the goals you have already met and exceeded and help you learn, grow, and develop new goals and dreams to be chased in the next season.