School Programs

   The Louisville Equestrian Center is specialized in starting and devloping riding programs with local schools.  Our school programs are a long time project of Betsy Webb’s to help preserve the joy of horsemanship in Kentucky.


We are currently running programs with ...

  • Christian Academy of Louisville (English Station)
  • Kentucky Country Day School
  • Hite Elementary School
  • Jefferson County Traditional Middle School
  • Crosby Middle School
  • Tully Elementary School
  • Male High School
  • Fern Creek High School
  • Homeschool Programs
  • Olmstead 
  • Meredith Dunn
  • Wheeler
  • Whitefield Academy
  • Academy of Individual Excellence
  • Fern Creek High School
  • Anchorage School
  • and more are lined up for next school year!

   Our programs are designed to explore new ways of engaging youth in significant educational, social and cultural experiences through horsemanship that are otherwise unavailable. Members will build relationships and develop problem-solving skills through spirited teamwork and cooperation. Activities at the stables allow the students to be exposed to a variety of new experiences.


 What does a riding program involve?

Every school is unique, and so are the programs that we develop. Here are some examples of what we can do...

  • Start, develop, and maintain an equestrian club
  • Weekly group riding lessons at a permanently discounted rate
  • Field Trips to LEC, Churchill Downs, Kentucky Horse Park, local horse shows, etc.
  • Equine Science classes instructed by our very own Betsy Webb. Taught at LEC or your school
  • Bring the ponies to school for a day
  • Demonstrations/Lectures by equine dentists, farriers, veterinarians, nutritionalists, and jockeys

Think a riding program would fit at your school?

  Any school can have the opportunity to start a riding program! We will customize a program to meet the needs of you school's administrative and student body needs.