4-H Programs

There are three 4-H Teams at LEC: the Show Team, the Horse Bowl Team, and the brand new Drill Team. Riders between the ages of 9 and 18 and who take at least one lesson at LEC every week are free to join only one or all three teams according to their preference. The 4-H Teams focus on safety, education, independence, respect (for humans and equines alike) and teamwork.

4-H Show Team-

4-H seeks to shape its members into all around horseman and not simply riders. LEC’s Show Team members are each assigned a horse for the year and unlike at other shows where riders may not be responsible for the care and preparation of their show horse, 4-H riders learn all of the ins and outs of how to care for and show their own horse. Coaching from adults is limited during competition in order to enable 4-H members to learn from, teach and depend on one another as a team and as a community. LEC is extremely proud of the 2009 Show Team. The Team captured High Point or Reserve High Point awards in every division at 4-H State Competition for 2009.

4-H Horse Bowl Team-

LEC has several award winning Horse Bowl teams which were formed originally as a complement to the Show Team in 2003. Horse Bowl is a quick recall competition focused on equine knowledge. Can you name four different kinds of western reins? Do you know what year the American Quarter Horse Association was founded? Can you name the founding lines of the Thoroughbred horse breed? Our Horse Bowl teams can tell you! LEC’s large team is divided for competition into several smaller 4 person teams based on age and every year we send at least two Senior and two Junior teams to state competition where they have captured awards as high as Reserve State Champions in 2005. In 2009, our Junior Team came in 6th out of 21 teams and our Senior Team was 5th out of 18 teams.

Teams practice every week using a buzzer system at the barn as they quiz each other from 4-H Horse Bowl manuals. You only have to be between 9 and 18 years old to be eligible. There are no try-outs! Everyone is welcome to participate regardless of their riding level. Horse Bowl is essential to show kids that there is a lot more to knowledgably working with horses than can be learned from horseback. Keep your ears open for practice dates closer to spring time.

4-H Drill Team-

LEC’s Drill Team is a new program started in 2009 and pioneered by LEC instructor, Kari Dickson. Drill Team is an important addition because it teaches kids that “there is more to horseback riding than just showing” says Dickson. This type of riding requires a different kind of dedication and teamwork from the entire team. With small teams averaging four riders and large teams exceeding twelve riders, it takes an exceptional amount of balance, skill, and confidence to share the arena with so many other horses and to work in unison with them. LEC Drill Teams have already begun practicing together every Sunday and membership will be finalized in September for a Walk/Trot Team and two Walk/Trot/Canter Teams.

LEC would love to expand its presence in the 4-H world. If there is an aspect of 4-H that you would like to participate in and that we don’t have at LEC yet (such as crafts, photography, public speaking or horse demonstrations), let us know! We can make it happen. We are already looking forward to forming Horse Judging and Hippology groups.

4-H members are recognized at an annual Awards Banquet during which they receive awards in categories divided by age, class, and sportsmanship among others.

For more information about the Horse Bowl Teams contact Beth and Mark Rohret at: