The JCTMS Equestrian Club was established in 2003 and currently averages approximately 30 registered members who are horse-owners, riders, and/or general horse enthusiasts. The club was founded and sponsored by JCTMS Language Arts teacher, Donna Duvall. Her mission, through the club, is to build interest in the horse industry as well as to provide scholarship opportunities for her kids with some of the collegiate equine programs throughout the state. “Riding,” she says “builds confidence in students who may not be interested in traditional sports.” Students participating in the program also seem to take more interest in their school work and have better attendance notes Duvall. It “brings kids out of their shell.” Equestrian Club strives to create the perfect environment for kids to come together and participate in something for which they share a passion.

JCTMS Equestrian Club meets monthly to engage in activities like pizza parties, listen to guest speakers, and go on field trips to places like the backside of Churchill Downs, the American Arabian Horse Show and its exhibitor party, Therapeutic Riding barns, and Huntseat barns. Although club members take weekly Saddle Seat riding lessons with LEC, club activities emphasize a multi-disciplinary look at the horse industry in Kentucky.

JCTMS Equestrian Club is open to all JCTMS students (all grades). For more information please contact Donna Duvall: donna.duvall@jefferson.kyschools.us