Traditional Lessons

Structured and priced to meet every individual’s eeds, LEC has the program to help you reach your personal goals within your budget.

We offer group, semi-private and private lessons (see details on each type of lesson below) on a daily basis and packages of lessons are available to riders at discounted rates. We also offer a special beginner’s package that will enable you to naturally progress from a set of private lessons to a group when you are comfortable. For the individual who wants to try the horse experience as a special occasion we offer a one-on-one experience with an instructor, a group lesson with people of equal riding level, or a semi-private lesson to enjoy riding and learning with your friends or family.

At LEC we try to make every lesson as much fun as possible while focusing on safety and enhancing your learning experience. As your desire for involvement grows, our skilled instructors can help you learn more about the equestrian sport and make it an enjoyable experience. A variety of lessons including mounted games and horse theatre are available to those seeking deeper understanding and involvement.

Betsy Webb and her staff at the Louisville Equestrian Center have the experience to teach all levels and ages of riders, and we make sure that each rider is riding at a level that is comfortable for him or her.

Types of Lessons Available:

Private Lessons are an important place to start. Safety and confidence can be emphasized when you are one-on-one with your instructor. Private lessons are also geared toward someone working on a specific goal or skill.

Semi-Private Lessons are perfect for a small group (2-3) that want to do something special together. A special date, parent-child, siblings, riders needing more attention, or a small group working on a particular skill all are appropriate for semi-private lessons

Group Lessons are perfect for individuals who want to work with others of a similar skill level and learn in a collaborative environment where they can observe others and learn from others’ experiences as well as their own. Groups also tend to be more affordable.

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