Lease Horse


Hi! I am a Saddlebred at LEC. The kids get lots of grooming practice on me in the winter time. I grow a huge winter coat every year and get so fuzzy I look a lot bigger than I am!


Hello! I am a Saddlebred at LEC and I am lots of fun to ride.


Hello! I am a 12-year-old Morgan. I am loads of fun to ride for more advanced students.

Bobby Ray

Hi! I am a 16-year-old Saddlebred. I am one of the 5-gaited horses a LEC. I am easy to slow gait and riders usually do this first on me. However, I can also be very playful so my riders always have to pay attention!

Mr. Ed

Hi! I’m a chestnut Pony of the Americas. I am very happy teaching Saddle Seat at LEC. I love little kids and I am extremely gentle but the best part is that they usually bring me peppermints to eat after a lesson!


Hi there! I am a 20-year-old Saddlebred and I am the only white horse at LEC and because of this, I am a favorite during camp when the kids get to finger paint horses. I have been painted lots of different colors throughout the years.


Hello! I am a 14-year-old Saddlebred. I am the first horse that the kids get to canter because I’m a really good listener and I am really smooth to ride!


Hi! I am 6-year-old Morgan. I didn’t really know how to teach lessons before I came to LEC so I learn just as much as the kids do when they ride me! The kids call me Webby and even though I am one of the smaller ponies here, I am one of the most popular to visit.


Hi! I am a 12-year-old Saddlebred. I’m a pinto and have big brown splotches all over me so I stand out from the other horses. I love giving lessons but I am very particular and will only canter on one lead!


Hey! I am a 26-year-old Saddlebred. You have to pay attention when you work with me because I can get a little grabby and your shirttails might find their way into my mouth! Sometimes I get a little jealous when the horses that live next to me get treats and I think everyone should be feeding me treats.